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When the Sun King of France, Louis XIV, wanted to have a Salle de Ballet to showcase the beauty of his favourite artform in an exclusive setting, he had a small theatre built where the audience could experience the exquisite details and the intimacy of ballet.

Sitting in armchairs, the audience could watch the ballet dancers from close by; that’s where the art of ballet initially developed. The movement and the expressions on the faces were seen in detail by spellbound viewers.

Dancers therefore developed the art of delighting audiences through their extraordinary fluidity and harmony of movement, with music, light, and special effects to trigger that sparkle in the eyes of fascinated audiences.

In 2022, the BV theatre recreates the atmosphere and proximity of the intimate Salle de Ballet with quality music, lighting, and exhilarating choreography in which dancers can express the emotion and passion of this ballet heritage.

Rediscover chamber ballet in a small audience setting and experience the intensity and fire that ballet offers at this distance